Friday, October 31, 2014

Casey Arborway Halloween Treat: The Ghost of Stony Brook

MassDOT landscape designers under the supervision of George Batchelor have created a nod to the rich history of the Forest Hills and Jamaica Plain area with a landscaped indication of where the mighty Stony Brook once flowed, just east of the intersection where Washington Street and Hyde Park Avenue cross the Arborway.

The Ghost of Stony Brook in the Casey Arborway design runs diagonally under the trees from red car to red car in this image.

Running diagonally from the northeast to the southwest under the trees across sidewalks, bike paths and medians, the surface plans indicate the location of the important stream which now runs in an underground culvert to the Back Bay Fens. The banks of Stony Brook in Jamaica Plain hosted much of the area's earliest industrial activity and supplied the water for Jamaica Plain's numerous breweries. 

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  1. Perhaps one day the DCR or its successor will open the Stoney Brook to the light of day, just as it is now doing with the Muddy at Landmark Center.