Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Casey Arborway Construction: the first year

After years of planning, Jamaica Plain and Forest Hills are now a year into the demolition of the Casey Overpass and construction of the Casey Arborway. Temporary surface roadways and new traffic signals were created first, and the western on-ramp at South Street needed to be widened. Then demolition of the overhead decking, steel girders and piers began in earnest, mostly east of the MBTA station towards Franklin Park. By August 2015 the overpass has been demolished, the metal recycled and most rubble removed east of Hyde Park Avenue, opening up vistas from the station to The Wilderness in Franklin Park and to the District Court House. It is now easy to see why the area is called Forest Hills. Demolition was completed on the western, Arboretum end of the project area by October with nightwork required to safely remove steel above South Street and the current station plaza. Work has begun on the new expanded upper busway as well, with new foundations poured for the expansion. Construction through late fall and into the winter has entered has focused on necessary water, sewer, gas, and electrical work taking place throughout the area. But the transformation is both dramatic and exciting.

Here is a chronological visual record of many of these construction highlights:
4/15: Westbound on-ramp expanded at South St.
4/15: Sewer work and ramp expansion at South St
4/15: prep for partial demolition of western abutment and creation of crossover lane
4/15: partial demolition of western abutment to create temporary surface lanes
5/15: removing railing and decking from northern side at South St ramp.
5/15: open girders west of South St
6/15: beginning demolition between head house and Washington St
6/15: the first span to be fully opened, west of Washington Street
6/15: decking removed above Washington Street
6/15: Washington St intersection
6/15: Girders above Washington were removed in one night for public safety
6/15: mats made from spare tires dampen sound and prevent damage to tunnels below
Sunset east of Washington Street
6/15: View east of MBTA station
6/15 Pier demolition at Washington St
6/15 Processing decking steel for recycling, near Shea Circle
6/15: some of the last overhead steel east of Washington Street
7/15: demolishing piers in front of West Roxbury District Courthouse
7/15: view opening towards Franklin Park Wilderness in distance
7/15: nothing but cleanup left east of Washington St.
Big Machines at rest
7/15: process deck steel for recycling near Arboretum

7/15: west of South St

View from VFW hall

7/15: last girders above #39 bus terminus

7/15: demolition moves westward

7/15: preparing foundation footings for new pylons to support Upper Busway expansion

7/15: creating foundations for Upper Busway expansion

7/15: work on decking and gorders above #39 bus terminus

8/15: Only girders left above South St

8/15: Night work to haul away girders above South St

8/15: night work above South St

8/15: South Street open to the sky

8/15: new views from South St to T station. No much traffic!

8/15: last day for pier at South St

8/15 demolition west of South St

8/15: pier at South St. Resistance is futile!

8/15: new views from Upper Arborway frontage road to T station
8/28/15 With night work now complete, this is the view of the South St intersection.


  1. Wow! Very nice work, Clayton. Good riddance to a horrible monstrosity and eyesore. Now let's get to work getting people out of their cars and onto their feet, bikes, buses and trains.

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