Thursday, January 8, 2015

Casey Arborway - a closer look at the southern section

The Casey Arborway project area extends south along South and Washington Streets on the west side to Ukraine Way. A major expansion of the Upper Busway will accommodate the new terminus of the #39 bus, with improved infrastructure, amenities and greenspace throughout. Please click on the image for a larger, more detailed version:

Along the western side of South/Washington: Toole Square - the formal name of the park area between the State Lab and South Street at the top of the image - will be revamped with winding paths and new trees sheltering the park from South Street traffic. A two-way off-street bike path and separated sidewalk continues south from the Arboretum's  Forest Hills gate past Asticou Rd, with new trees as far as the Blackwell Gate of the Arboretum's Bussey Brook Meadow. There will be new shrubs and landscaping between South Street and Asticou. At Asticou a "raised table" crosswalk hump will discourage cut-through vehicle traffic. Continuing south, the bike path transitions to an on-street path with protective striping to separate it from vehicle traffic.

Along the eastern side of South/Washington: The west side of the MBTA station will be revamped with permeable pavers, new bike paths, shrubs and trees to the exit of the Upper Busway. "Don't Block the Box" striping at the South Street intersection by the VFW hall may help reduce congestion at this often difficult location. The #39 bus which currently ends under the Overpass will be relocated to a newly expanded Upper Busway south of the T station. The busway will be extended southward and eastward with more and longer bays, cantilevered over the lower parking lot. The new roof line for the busway is indicated by dotted lines. Buses will enter from the south and exit to the north. The Asticou neighborhood will be sheltered from the bus traffic by high, bermed landscaping with trees and shrubs along the busway. Low walls and plantings in the bus exit island, as well as the direction of the northbound and southbound lanes will direct headlights away from residential neighbors. Off-street bike and pedestrian paths continue south to Ukraine Way

Along the Hyde Park Ave side: Pickup and drop off for school buses will be consolidated in the lower parking lot - an idea championed by both Boston Public Schools and the MBTA. The revamped T-station plaza will flow towards Hyde Park Ave via a handicapped accessible ramp and substantial plantings where the lengthy set of stairs on that corner are now. On the east side, new trees and landscaping will improve and unify the area.

For a closer look at the northwestern section of the Casey Arborway:

A detailed view of the revamped central Plazas of the Casey Arborway:

The eastern section of the Casey Arborway is detailed here:

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