Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Casey Arborway Annotated: The Western End

On November 19, 2013 MassDOT revealed their final design for the estimated $59 million Casey Arborway Project. An early blog post annotated The South-Washington North-South Corridor. The Annotated Casey: Eastern End is available here.

This link points to a large pdf file with annotations by me describing many of the features of the western end of the new Casey Arborway:

The western end of the project has been one of the last to be designed. Highlights of the plan here include:
  • New sidewalk and off-street bike path along the northern side of the Arborway west of South St.
  • A pedestrian-activated crosswalk providing access to the Forest Hills Gate of the Arboretum from the north.
  • There will be no westbound left turns onto Washington Street. This change of direction will be accomplished by the western "Bow-Tie" U-turn at the Forest Hills Gate of the Arboretum. A turning apron accommodates wide-turning vehicles. Westbound traffic only stops for turns and pedestrians.
  • New trees soften the large existing retaining wall along the Arborway Hillside.
  • A new, lower retaining wall separates Arborway Rd's grade differential from the Arborway proper at Hampstead Rd.
  • Off-street bike paths and sidewalks along eastbound Arborway.
  • New boulevard trees (Red Oaks) throughout
  • New Northern plaza with MBTA Head House, programmable space, bike paths, permeable surfaces for drainage.
  • Revamped southern MBTA plaza
  • Mid-block pedestrian crossing eliminated
A smaller, less legible version of the pdf image is here:

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